Michael E. Fournier MBA

On Entitlements

In Immigration, Laissez-faire on July 4, 2012 at 1:15 pm

The free market case would compel me to argue for open borders, as I believe in the free movement of goods, resources, and capital across borders.  The resources in this case being labor.  Except that having open borders for labor does not work when the people coming here can receive several social benefits without having paid anything into the system, receiving the benefit without any of the cost.

The progressive’s case for allowing immigrants into this country without going through the proper legal process, is ill founded.  Their claim is one of compassion, letting people come in for better opportunity, not breaking up families, etc.  In reality they are trying to influence the election with fraudulent votes from undocumented workers.  Not to mention pandering to a large voter group.

In most states, illegal immigrants and their children, can receive scholarships for tuition, healthcare (significantly greater healthcare benefits under Obamacare), and other forms of assistance, without paying any taxes or other payments into the system.  A significant portion number of their monetary transactions are by cash – which is not a problem in itself, but a large amount generally flows out of the country to help relatives who have remained behind.

Latinos constitute the largest group of illegal aliens, they can come up from South or Central America and enter through the porous border with Mexico, and once in the U.S. typically vote with the Democrat Party, Democrats have a vested interest in pandering to their interests.  It is interesting to note that latinos are no longer the largest immigrant group in the country, Asians now claim that title.  Most Asians, due to the distance of those countries came here legally after waiting long periods and wading through mountains of paperwork.


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