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Global Economic Order

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Great piece at LewRockwell.com on the Global Economic Order and the total misconception by the left on free market economics.  Like I always say, ‘liberals do not understand economics’ the premises are so simple and yet they continue to try and pervert them towards their own ends.


Take Back the American Dream conference

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the Campaign for America’s Future is hosting this conference in mid-June in Washington DC.  The only problem, it is their leftist dream, not one shared by most Americans.  Looking at the board of directors we find ‘community organizers’ and Hollywood elites, people who are generally out of touch with the mainstream.  The type of people who want to bring down capitalism because they know what is best for us all.  Maybe we should institute a Hollywood tax to show those people what it is like.

30 Years Later, Supply Side Economics Still Under Attack

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When the left keeps up its insipid drumbeat over thirty years, it should tell us something.  In this case it is telling us that supply-side econonomics not only worked, but that it is the polar opposite of redistributionist.  The polar opposite because instead of forcing uniformity on all, it provides the opportunity for some to rise above mediocrity.  Even though the Soviet Union nearly came to ruin over the failed policy of redistribution, the left won’t give it up, and the Huffington Post, ABC News, MSNBC, and MarketWatch all tore into Supply-Side and the Republican presidents since Reagan who administered it.  Wait a minute, this just proves how little they understand economics, neither GW I nor GW II were supply siders.  Only Reagan had the gumption to stand against the tide for something that worked and he knew was right.

Orwellian Newspeak

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Milton Friedman cuts to the chaffe of the issue, comparing liberal lingo on spending to 1984.  Milton Friedman on Orwellian Newspeak.  The year was 1978, the place, Pasadena CA.

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