Michael E. Fournier MBA



I am an unapologetic capitalist.  I turned onto it when I watched ‘Free to Choose’ on public television while I was in high school.  Since then, I have read Von Mises, Friedman, and Wanniski, and many others.  Economic theory on the right makes sense and liberals do not understand basic economics.

Capitalism is under attack in this country by left and their allies in the White House and Congress.  For this blog I have stolen Larry Kudlow’s tagline “Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity”, because it is.  This blog is not really so much about economics, but about defending the capitalist free enterprise system.

You can email me at mailto:m_fournier@gmx.com

The Republican Party No Longer Represents Me:

I became a Republican so that I could vote for Reagan in the 80’s, and have been ever since.  In 2012 the establishment Republicans have firmly taken over the party.  It’s not enough that they have gotten their candidates nominated in every Presidential election since Bush 43 (Dole, McCain, now Romney), but they have now made it clear to the activists that they are not interested in us.  Time to leave the Republicans, I would like to hear from anyone who feels this way.

What I Believe:

  • Classical liberalism (with a small l), I agree with the words of the Declaration of Independence: That all people have basic human rights, and that the sole legitimate function of government is to protect those rights
  • I also believe in laissez-faire economics, free trade, low taxes, and minimal regulation
  • protection of civil liberties (I am concerned about the extent to which the government has surveillance over our lives but I wouldn’t say I am with the American Civil Liberties Union)
  • A strong military.

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